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A throwback to behind the scenes coverage of our Hyundai Centerstage Series covering Gentlemen Hall! #grammys #videoseries #hyundai
Behind the scenes still of our work for the Flagship Food Group branded video campaign! #brandedvideo #commercials #commercialproduction
Tiger House Films has produced a commercial spot with the legendary William Shatner! Produced by Tiger House Films, in conjunction with MML. #commercialproduction #shatner
D.P. Martin Moody and 1st A.C. Rob Horwitz on the studio set of our Emily Daccarett SS15 Fashion Film! @emilydaccarett #fashionfilm #fashion #emilydaccarett
The front cover of our Emily Daccarett SS14 campaign fashion video, Blu-ray edition. #fashionvideo #videoproduction #fashiondesign #LAproductioncompany
A behind the scenes photo from our Hyundai Able Asset Commercial preparing the Shelby Cobra

Our LA Production Company: Current Events

Tiger House Films is a Los Angeles production company specializing in professional film production, television production, fashion video production, music video production and commercial production.
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