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Feature Film Production “Cherry Blossoms In Winter”

Cherry Blossoms in Winter Tiger House Films Los Angeles Production Company

Feature Film Production “Cherry Blossoms In Winter”

This tale is derived from an inner reflection of the writer’s life and experiences growing up in between two strongly opposing cultures. Cherry Blossoms In Winter (working title) is a character driven feature film written by Jason Kent Carpenter, currently in development by Tiger House Films, a Los Angeles film production company.

Premise: A Yakuza war rages in Tokyo. Sakura, a ten year old half-Japanese girl loses her American father to a murderous Yakuza gang. Alone in the world, she is forced to stay strong and protect her little sister amidst the violent chaos. As they struggle to survive, each step through life takes them closer to the revelation of their true destiny within the war.

Cherry Blossoms In Winter is a feature length drama set in Yokohama, Japan. The story follows two sisters whose love and unbreakable bond is the singular driving force behind the script. Their struggle in life against the violence of the world leads them down their destined path to ultimately become a catalyst in the outcome of a decade long Yakuza war.

This tale is just as much about the people affected by the Yakuza as it is about the Yakuza itself. It is a narrative of love, destiny, honor and the bond between family. This story is a character driven drama playing in front of the backdrop of a shadowy, violent underworld and deep traditions of the Japanese mafia.

Cherry Blossoms In Winter Illustrations by character artist Allison Carrino

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