5 Short Films To See

5 Short Films To See

The team at Tiger House Films is passionate about the short film genre. After all, we founded our company after the success of our short Dark Roads.

While wasting time on Facebook (you too?) we observed some Facebook fans of Arclight Cinemas asking to see more short films in theaters.

This got us talking about short films that we love… so we put our heads together to recommend five short films that we’ve seen and enjoyed over the last couple of years.

God of Love Poster

1. God of Love: Oscar winner for Best Live Action Short Film,  this film follows a lovestruck darts champion who receives a box of love-inducing darts. Watch a free preview trailer here.

2. What’s Bugging Seth?: This moving film about a young, deaf exterminator speaks to staying in your comfort zone, or reaching for what you really want. See the trailer here.

3. Dark Roads: While many short films focus on human interest stories, this short focuses on action. Take a glimpse into the mob during the 1970’s, and follow one man’s desire to rescue the girl he loves from danger. Watch the trailer here.

4. Long Division – The Next Big Threat to Democracy: This short film features famous economist Gordon Tullock, who explains why he doesn’t vote. But underneath it all, there’s an affirmation that our votes DO count. You can watch the entire 7 minute short documentary film here.

5. Expiration Date: This amusing short film follows a young man with a family curse: death by milk truck. Can he shake the curse and find love? Watch the trailer here.

Well, there you have it… our list of 5 short films we recommend. If you watch any of the preview trailers or the films in full, let us know what you think.

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