Annabelle Creation Hidden Camera Production With Lil Twist

Annabelle Creation Hidden Camera Production Still

Annabelle Creation Hidden Camera Production With Lil Twist


About Our Hidden Camera Production:

Our hidden camera production team was approached by Complex Media to produce the official hidden camera prank video for the Warner Brothers movie Annabelle Creation that hit #1 at the box office on it’s opening weekend. This hidden camera production was created with the intention of scaring as many unsuspecting members of the public while simultaneously featuring rap artist Lil Twist as our main target.

This hidden camera video production was released on the Complex website as well as on the websites, and The video was simultaneously released before the movie premier, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and various other social media platforms to maximize it’s viral marketing impact.

Having a celebrity as our main target for this hidden camera production was another strategy to create an impactful viral video that would reach a worldwide audience. With hundreds of thousands of Instagram and social media followers, Lil twist brought his fan base to the table when it came to viewership, who were eager to see his reaction to the scare prank.

The venue for this hidden camera production was the Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities in LA’s San Fernando Valley. Our production utilized a lifelike recreation of the Annabelle doll, amazingly fabricated by Mark S. Anthony of the Scary Closet Puppeteer. the animatronic Annabelle had the ability to move it’s head and eyes which aided in creating a distraction for our targets as actress Sofia Mali snuck up on them and screamed.

Our hidden camera production team looks forward to working with Complex Media again in the future and had an amazing time executing this hidden camera video production for Warner Brothers and Annabelle Creation.

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Studio: Warner Brothers
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Client: Complex Media
Starring: Lil Twist, Sofia Mali, Erick Yaro
Producer: Jason Kent Carpenter
Director:  Jason Kent Carpenter
D.P.:  Pete Lucas