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Our most recent branded content web series projects include producing the Hyundai Centerstage Video Series for the GRAMMYS, Lexus branded videos for their 2015 RC F Running Of The Bulls Campaign and a videos of artists such as Lyfe Jennings covering Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” for the GRAMMY Re-Imagined series. With these productions our branded content team can establish a level of excitement in the viewer through the power of storytelling and cinematography.


As a branded web series production company, Tiger House Films takes great creative storytelling ability, innovative technical knowledge and camera skills to tell a brand’s story. We try to focus on the concept of the series to capture the audience’s attention while still giving the content a “sponsored” feel which puts the brand in the spotlight. The productions we create give the brand a relatable quality that connects with the intended audience on a level that is hard to do with certain other forms of advertising.


Tiger House Films has one of the best creative crews in the industry when it comes to our branded web series productions. Our innovative ideas, knowledge of framing, where to focus and multi-camera shooting style allow us to adapt quickly in sometimes unpredictable situations when recording a run and gun type of production. Conversely, our ability to plan and storyboard content is a skill that we have learned from years of commercial creation and allows us to be precise in our storytelling.


The quality of our work gives each branded web series the look and feel that connects with audiences. Our ability to capture stunning imagery throughout the production allows us to have many options in the editing room and always affords us the opportunity to create a polished and professional final product.


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