Film Production Company Tiger House Films Premieres “Dark Roads”

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Film Production Company Tiger House Films Premieres “Dark Roads”


Film production company Tiger House Films showcases a period action film project Dark Roads, written and directed by Tiger House Films founder Jason Kent Carpenter. Set in the 1970’s, Dark Roads tells the story of Paul Sansone, a mob recruit who perilously falls in love with a Russian woman trafficked for the sex trade. The film debuted at Young Cuts film festival In Montreal and was also screened in LA and New York as an official selection at the Bel-Air & Williamsburg International film festivals among others. Dark Roads employed professional stuntmen such as Eric Marche (known for work on big budget films such as Transformers), the special effects company Synapse FX, and armorers from ISS Prophouse who handled live ammunition from vintage handguns and a tommy gun.

Shot with two RED One cameras, the majority of the Dark Roads film production was filmed in the warehouse district of downtown Los Angeles, next to the L.A. river. this area is known for having a gritty urban industrial aesthetic and has been used for many fashion, commercial, television shoots and featured in films such as Chinatown (1974) and Grease (1978).

“Dark Roads” received formal distribution through the film Distributor Indie Media Entertainment (IME), one of the first independent film distributors to bring video-on-demand rentals to mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. Indie Media Entertainment discovered “Dark Roads” in the marketplace at the Palm Springs film festival and licensed the film.


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