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Tiger House Films is a commercial and hidden camera production company based in Los Angeles, California. We have produced hidden camera productions for brands such as NYLON, The NFL, and FYI Network. Our long standing technical knowledge and experience in professional production have allowed us to navigate the sometimes tricky creation process behind hidden camera productions.


Work from our commercial and hidden camera production company have impacted consumers by engaging them in a way that speaks to them, as the new generation of internet consumers. With the world of viewers gravitating toward the internet for both entertainment and news, our company has been able to help brands harness the power of branded web content.


Hidden camera work is a mixture of creating the excitement of a real live situation for the audience and branded entertainment that does not obviously slap them in the face with the company logo. Allowing the audience to be in on the  joke is the key to a successful hidden camera production. We are always careful to preserve the realism within the project by creatively hiding cameras behind mirror boxes or in inconspicuous locations so that they are not seen by our subjects and remotely controlled by our operators.


Our Los Angeles production company has been lucky to work with some of the most innovative, forward thinking brands in the world that use our expertise to bring a new twist to their marketing for the new generation of consumers. Tiger House Films is always on the lookout for the best camera technology to create the most interesting, cutting edge hidden camera productions for our dynamic clients to further market their brands.


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