Jason Kent Carpenter is the founder / executive producer at Tiger House Films as well as a Los Angeles commercial video director, working in the fields of fashion, luxury brands, high end visual commercials and brand media production. His beautiful and modern visual style has attracted clients from around the world such as Tik Tok, On Running, Kerastase Paris, Marriott, Linktree, Beauty Pie, and others . As a producer / director / DP / editor, Jason has eyes on all facets of production from the  foundation through execution and final touches of each Tiger House project.  By putting heavy emphasis on story and aesthetic collaboration with clients from color coordination to cinematic details and filmmaking, Jason and his team create dynamic projects with an artistic, Southern California flair.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ― Edgar Degas

About Jason

As a Los Angeles commercial video director / DP and producer, Jason grew up in the small city of Hermosa Beach and is of half Japanese and caucasian American descent. As a young filmmaker, he was interested in telling impactful and interesting stories but also fascinated with cinematography and how to make a project look / feel unique. 12 years after starting Tiger House Films, he continues to keep himself updated on the cutting edge of technology while utilizing his wide array of skills to create beautiful projects for brand clients around the world.