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Tiger House Films is a Los Angeles creative agency based in West L.A. Much of our core work is based around the luxury / fashion brand aesthetic. Our commercial content has had many millions of online views on social media platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Our Los Angeles creative agency has produced work that has been lauded by major brands as dynamic, high production video content. tech saavy, new generation viewers expect high quality visual content and we are often asked to target the Millenial generation of consumers.


Some of the types of videos we produce are; web commercials, lifestyle brand videos, fashion brand videos, hidden camera videos, fashion still shoots, tv commercials and celebrity productions.


Our Los Angeles creative agency adheres to a high caliber of discipline for every project, our team creates the mood for each production, catering to the specific audience of the brand. Our open creative mentality allows us to produce projects that connect to specific demographics and target global audiences from different cultures around the world.


Our creative agency has produced a wide variety of high quality, sophisticated branded content for some of the biggest names in the world such as the GRAMMYS, Lexus, Hyundai, Warner Bros. National Geographic, Marriott, and SK-II working with global brands representing everything from high end skincare to fashion and luxury products.


Our Los Angeles creative agency’s commercial content has impacted a new generation of consumers and will keep them talking about the content. Utilizing new technology and cutting edge techniques, our creative team works every day to stay at the forefront of the media industry.


To view our work please visit us here: Portfolio Page


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