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Tiger House Films is a Los Angeles based, commercial and music video production company working with brands and artists worldwide. Music video production is an extremely creative, exciting and challenging type of video production. At Tiger House Films, our extensive range of experience with music videos spans from elaborate story lines with lots of visual effects and choreographed action sequences, to independent videos created with simple, beautiful cinematography. We have worked with many different types of international artists from rock, hip hop, to pop. Our music videos have gained much attention for their professional, dynamic and unique visual style. Our latest music video with Angolan artist Yola Araujo, has won multiple international awards.


Our method as a music video production company has always been to constructively collaborate with the artist extensively in pre-production before we begin shooting. As in film, our approach is always to begin what story needs to be told visually. Once the treatment (script) is finalized, we use it as a blueprint to begin the budget breakdown and the pre-production process. We shift our focus to very important elements of production such as set design, lighting, makeup and visual style. Secondly we discuss casting, choreography, props and vehicles, locations, etc.


Our ultimate goal is to create a music video production that represents the artist in the style and presentation that is a reflection of who they are. All of us on the Tiger House Films team are constantly excited when the world of visuals meets the world of music because it allows us to collaborate with people from another part of the entertainment industry and it also allows us to listen and learn about the special skills necessary to create an amazing track or album. Our mutual respect for one another is what drives us all forward as artists.


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