Grammy Live Performance Video – Michael Jackson Re-Imagined

Grammy Live Performance Video – Michael Jackson Re-Imagined


About This Live Performance Video

Tiger House Films has once again teamed with the GRAMMY office to bring you a live performance video by platinum selling artist Lyfe Jennings. During our live performance video production coverage at Smidi Music in Venice, CA, Lyfe performed a “GRAMMY Re-Imagined” cover of Michael Jackson’s hit song “Human Nature”. He also performed his new hit single “Boomerang” now in stores and on iTunes. Lastly, Lyfe gave a short interview following his performances.

As stated on the GRAMMY website, the vision behind this series is to “Link GRAMMY history with current music makers. ReImagined is a performance-based series featuring artists interpreting an iconic GRAMMY-winning song and performances of original music.”

The passion and conviction portrayed through Lyfe’s voice in both performances during our live video production were indicative of the amount of hard times this artist has been through. Born Chester Jennings in Toledo, Ohio, Jennings’ career began in 2004 with the release of his debut studio album, Lyfe 268-192. The album title refers to the singer’s inmate number while serving a 10-year prison term in Ohio. Later on, he conceived ideas for his upcoming album Lucid while serving another prison sentence from 2010-2012.

Our video production team had a pleasant experience recording Lyfe for this GRAMMY live performance video. His talent was apparent as soon as he began to sing into the microphone and it gave us a truly impressive impression of him as an individual. He was cordial and very professional. Having worked with GRAMMY video content producer Ben Lamb in the past, this was our first live performance shoot with him for the GRAMMY’s Re-Imagined series. Our work on this live performance video is still trending at #1 on the website and has been for several days before this article was written.

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Bonus Video: Boomerang Live Performance

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