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Our Published Film And Media Articles | Production FAQ

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Jason Kent Carpenter the founder of Los Angeles production company Tiger House Films, has started a series of helpful  film and media articles for filmmakers this month. Currently several articles are being published on Ezinearticles.com.  These short one-page articles pertain to different parts of the independent production process and contain valuable information whether the reader is an filmmaker starting a career in the entertainment industry, or anyone who wants to learn more about specific parts of the production process.

These articles are derived from Jason’s experience as a filmmaker and producer at Tiger House Films. They cover his personal opinion as well as the technical knowledge that he has gained during his experiences in all different genres of media including independent film, commercials, music videos, television pilots, corporate videos and more.

Carpenter states that the reason these articles are being written is because he “never had guidance from anyone when first starting out in the industry. From his experience all of the real-life knowledge people gained from mistakes they made in production were kept to themselves, either out of embarrassment or macho attitude”. For this reason he decided to write these film and media articles to give others a leg up and share his mistakes as well as his many different experiences in the industry.

“Everyone has to learn by doing in this industry and if there is one thing I would like to share, it would the knowledge gained after all of the times I said to myself; Oh I wish I knew that before we started!”

Much of the stories told in Jason’s articles include experiences on Los Angeles commercial productions through the eyes of a producer / director. These articles cover topics such as; commercial client relations, trending marketing techniques in the commercial and branded video industry and hard experiences that created great lessons learned.

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