“Agent 6” Sweeps Short Film Awards At LANWIFF 2011

“Agent 6” Sweeps Short Film Awards At LANWIFF 2011

LA New Wave Film Fest Awards Laurels Los Angeles Production Company Tiger House Films

On November 4, 2011 “Agent 6” from Los Angeles production company Tiger House Films swept film awards in its category at a prominent Los Angeles film festival. Director Jason Kent Carpenter was informed that the film had won four major awards at the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival and was to have a special screening with other award winners in their respective categories.

The awards won by “Agent 6” at this film festival include First Place, Best Directing, Best Stunts and Best Costume Design all in the Short Film category. Winning these awards adds to the growing list of festival recognition that “Agent 6” has received on it’s festival run this year.

Here is background information on the festival taken from their home page: “The Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival was founded by and for independent filmmakers who seek to recognize the craft of this century’s filmmakers and storytellers from around the globe. As the world gets smaller, and our ability to connect with global cultures becomes easier, we are bringing the world together through the art of film. Providing a young, fresh and exciting perspective to today’s world of cinema, we seek to showcase and honor innovative and exciting voices in the American and international film communities. With nine categories and over ten awards in each category, our goal is to recognize a large and diverse selection of films from all genres and from all over the world.”

Quote from Jason Kent Carpenter: “It’s an honor to be apart of this festival and to be recognized with these film awards. Thank you for the opportunity to showcase my work and my team’s work from the LA production company, Tiger House Films.” He went on to express his gratitude toward the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival staff for running a great event for independent filmmakers to be honored and showcase their work.

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