Agent 6 To Screen At The ThrillSpy international Film Festival

Agent 6 To Screen At The ThrillSpy international Film Festival

Agent 6  produced by LA production company Tiger House Films, has been accepted into the Thrillspy International Film Festival In Washington D.C. The Los Angeles production team responsible for creating Agent 6 is made up of many die-hard thriller and spy movie genre fans who have followed the 007 series as well as the classics such as Jean Pierre Melville’s Le Cercle Rouge and Alred Hitchcock’s Notorious therefore the acceptance into the Thrillspy International Film Festival this year was particularly gratifying for a team who created a film that is essentially a tribute to the best genre in cinema (Our opinion of course).

The ThrillSpy Festival has become the standard for the international thrillers and spy film in the world market. Last year films from Thailand, Canada and England won major awards and continue to do well on the world festival circuit. The founders of the festival believe movies and films should be about having fun and escapism.

ThrillSpy was recently voted as one of the top 10 film festivals in the Washington DC metropolitan area and their goal is to celebrate this genre and give selected films the best chance of exposure to an enthusiastic audience and network distributors. Their 240 seat screening venue is the largest true HD screen with stadium seating in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. The festival is a four day event which includes screenings, DC Spy Museum and law enforcement museum tours, VIP parties, receptions and concludes with the ThrillSpy Awards Masquerade party for filmmakers and attendees. The screening venue is located only steps from the US Capitol, the FBI headquarters, national monuments, restaurants and world class entertainment.

A Quote Fom the Tiger House Films production staff:

“Being an LA production company, the Tiger House Films staff is constantly surrounded by  the realities of production (whether it is ours or a company down the street) but the magic of making films and media are a constant presence in this city. That electric atmosphere is something our staff has expressed will never wear out or fade away. The fact that one of our films is screening in a festival dedicated to the genre of cinema we hold so closely to our hearts is truly awe inspiring and we would like to thank the Thrillspy International Film Festival for accepting our film.”

Festival Website: ThrillSpy international Film Festival