One Minute Movie Reviews

One Minute Movie Review: Source Code

Source Code Movie Review Premise: In the sci-fi thriller Source Code, a member of the military has an unusual out of body experience created by science: he has 8 minutes to relive a deadly train explosion over and over again, in an attempt to discover who...

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One Minute Movie Review: Limitless

Premise: In Limitless, a dead beat with writer's block takes an experimental drug that turns him into an overnight success. But his rags-to-riches rise to fame doesn't go unnoticed and starts to cause him trouble. Performances: Lead actor Bradley Cooper narrates throughout the entire film...

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5 Short Films To See

The team at Tiger House Films is passionate about the short film genre. After all, we founded our company after the success of our short Dark Roads. While wasting time on Facebook (you too?) we observed some Facebook fans of Arclight Cinemas asking to see more...

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