One Minute Movie Review: Source Code

One Minute Movie Review: Source Code

Source Code Movie Review

Premise: In the sci-fi thriller Source Code, a member of the military has an unusual out of body experience created by science: he has 8 minutes to relive a deadly train explosion over and over again, in an attempt to discover who is responsible.

Performances: Lead actor Jake Gyllenhaal displays a very believable performance as Captain Colter Stevens. Up In The Air actress Vera Farmiga navigates her role with ease, displaying a range of emotions as she serves as a primary contact for Stevens. Michelle Monaghan brings nothing new to the table with her always likeable girl-next-door performance, while Jeffrey Wright is compelling choice for a prominent scientist in the film.

Visuals: While audiences must re-live the same sequence of events in repeat, the visuals & special effects are slightly different each time, keeping it fresh and interesting. But overall, the visuals take a back seat to the story.

Story: Until the end, this sci-fi film’s premise is fairly plausible under some assumptions of scientific advancement. The ending (which we won’t disclose) stretches the plausibility a bit too much, leaving you with a satisfying film that just misses the mark, ever-so-slightly.

Overall Rating: B-