Commercial Production for TV and Web | Production FAQ

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Commercial Production for TV and Web | Production FAQ

Countless businesses are harnessing the power of commercials to reach prospective customers on TV and the web. Are you one of them? If not, perhaps it is time to consider some commercial production services from LA production company Tiger House Films.

Commercial Production Consultation:

Our film and commercial production company, Tiger House Films, empowers brands to communicate with their target audience through film. If you’re thinking about commercial production but have questions, we’re here to assist you. We offer complimentary consultations with no obligation. You can request a commercial production consultation here.

Commercial Production Considerations:

Why should you contemplate commercial production services? According to Nielsen, the average person in the U.S. watches more than 4 hours of television on a daily basis. In addition, commercials can easily be re-purposed for the web and social media. You may be surprised to learn that over 1 billion people visit YouTube and Facebook on a monthly basis. In conjunction with YouTube subscriptions and Facebook business pages, your commercial can be leveraged to form online relationships with customers. (For example, the Langers Juice commercial produced by our commercial production company was utilized on the company’s Facebook page.)

We really like a recent article from Forbes about TV advertising versus digital marketing. TV advertisers spent over $70 billion in 2011, while online advertisers spent over $30 billion. The article indicates there is a 5 to 1 ratio of time spent watching TV vs. Internet browsing. Regardless, it’s evident that there are advantages to both mediums, and we can help you create a commercial that works for both.

Moving Forward with Commercial Production:

With further research, we think you’ll find that commercial production is an investment in the success of your product or service. If and when you are ready to move forward with commercial production services, we hope you’ll think of us. One of our strengths is creating artistic and visually stunning commercials. We like our commercial projects to tell a narrative story and to captivate the viewing audience. We think some traditional marketing tactics have grown stale and that many audiences respect a unique and fresh perspective. If this sounds like a good fit for your brand, we hope to work with you soon.

Take a look at our current commercial production works on our portfolio page here:

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