Entertainment Industry Biography Of Nicola Pizzi

Entertainment Industry Biography Of Nicola Pizzi

Below is the entertainment industry biography of Cinematographer Nicola Pizzi. He has worked with Tiger House Films on many of our productions, most notably our award winning film “Agent 6”. His disciplined and unique style of work comes from his background as not only a cinematographer but also as an accomplished writer and filmmaker. below is a short personal autobiography written by Nicola Pizzi. Above is an example of his cinematography work on the film “Uncle Toto” directed by Sara Ross-Samko.


To be fair and honest, I don’t love writing about myself at all. Also, to be fair and honest, I don’t think most of the people could care less about my life. So in the end you don’t like and I don’t like it, but here we are anyway. My name is Nicola Pizzi and this is my Bio:

I was born in Milan, Italy the 4th of January 1981, My father is an engineer and my mother is a psychotherapist. Since I was little, I was passionate about writing and arts. I enrolled in my first writing competition when I was ten with a short story titled “The Garden of Death”. It won 2nd place. The first place went to the grandaughter of the dean; they said my topic was a little too dark for a 10 year old audience. To this day, I consider upsetting a bunch of moms and teachers one of my greatest achievements. I grew up loving science and math, but I ended up pursuing classical studies at the Parini High School, my father insisted. There, I fell in love with history, philosophy and literature and I was exposed to all the great writers, modern and ancient, that I still hold dear today. Right after high school, I enrolled in Algorithm Design for software applications at the Bicocca University of Science in Milan. Back then the new economy was roaring; it was a safe career path and I liked math and science anyway. Go figure. After three years studying matrix operations and mathematical functions, I realized that I might have been hasty and made a wrong turn.

If I was going to pursue my passion I needed to make a “180”. I dropped out and started writing for Argo 42, a literary magazine of the Milan State University. I joined Controprogetto: a craftsman social collective where I learned about carpentering and staging and enrolled at the Civic Film School of Milan one year later. After two years of studies in screenwriting, I graduated and moved to the Chinatown area of Milan. In those years, I was working as a PA on commercials and a television talk show, while simultaneously writing my anthology of short stories. Back then I was sharing my apartment with the painter Gianrico Agresta, whose mentorship and friendship furthered my comprehension of the arts regarding the evolution of music and figurative arts in history. I published my first book in Italian: “La strage dei giocattoli” (The toys massacre) collecting all my best short stories of those years. Things seemed to be lining up in the right direction for me, but I was up for another dramatic turn.

In 2008, my girlfriend at the time, and ex-classmate from film school, decided to move to Hollywood to tackle the biggest entertainment industry on the planet. It seemed like a rather hazardous plan, but love is love and we shopped for schools. I left everything behind: family, friends and writing dreams, and we moved to Los Angeles where I signed up for the Los Angeles Film School. There I met a remarkable class of students, with many passionate souls and a many foreign fellas. I felt at home and even though switching language meant leaving writing behind for a while, I found that my passion for arts , storytelling and science combined perfectly into the Cinematography craft. In 2010, freshly graduated, I worked as a volunteer PA on my first American set.

Two months later I gaffed my first indie horror movie and have been freelancing on set since then. Lots of marvelous things have happened in the last three years: I have worked as Director of Photography for Tiger House Films, I gathered my first experiences as art director and editor and I got married. Now that my English has improved from the awkward days of miming and lexical deficiency I am resuming my writing activity too, hoping to go back crafting stories. It has been a good ride so far, and it looks like it’ll get better, at least, until the next dramatic turn…

We at Tiger House Films are fortunate to have found a friend in Nicola within this Los Angeles entertainment industry. We are looking forward to enjoying many more projects with him.

Here is a link to his work on our film “Agent 6”: https://tigerhousefilms.com/agent-6-film-trailer/