Langers Juice TV Commercial Production

LA production company langers juice commercial

Langers Juice TV Commercial Production


This TV commercial production featuring Langers orange juice was created in collaboration with Michelle Langer at Langers Juice.  It was a wonderful professional experience working with Michelle and all the warm people at the Langers corporation.

This TV commercial production directed by Katherine Tran, intends to promote Langers Corporation’s national and web based marketing campaigns and showcase their brand in a more cinematic light.

The director and producer’s intention behind the visual aesthetics of this TV commercial production include using more directional lighting (as opposed to the traditional soft white diffused lighting) and to shoot it more as a narrative television commercial production rather than just a placed product advertisement. The story in this TV commercial was the central core in driving the message through to viewers and intended to leave them with a good feeling after watching it.

The Tiger House Films team was able to shoot this TV commercial in one day due greatly to stellar and precise planning on part of the scheduling breakdown. Our production team used all in‐house film and grip equipment owned by our film and television production company.

Whenever our team at Tiger House Films works on Television commercial productions with major corporations or small business owners, we always take into consideration each and every request of our clients. We do our best to share as much technical and creative knowledge about the TV commercial production process as possible in order to keep them informed and able to collaborate with us on decisions before principal photography begins. At Tiger House Films our ability to communicate with our commercial clients is something we take pride in and allows us to create TV commercials that carry the message they intend at the highest production value possible.

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