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List of Music Video Production Companies | Production FAQ

All singers, songwriters, musicians and bands will need a music video at some point during their careers. But the search for a music video production company can be daunting. There are thousands of music video production companies out there. If you are searching for a list of music video production companies and aren’t sure where to start, allow us to help. Our LA production company, Tiger House Films, has created a helpful list of music video production companies below. Before you venture onto these lists, feel free to drop us a line here to see how we can help you with your music video needs.

A high-quality music video can serve a variety of purposes. A great music video can help a new musician showcase his or her talent and break into the industry. It can also help an experienced musician book a concert venue, grow an existing fan base or achieve representation to further their career beyond their current achievements. No matter your goals, a high-quality music video can help take a musical career to the next level. Here are several sites we’ve visited that provide music video production company lists.

· Production Hub is a business to business site that connects users with production companies and services. The site maintains a list of over 800 music video production companies.

· Manta is a website committed to supporting small businesses. At Tiger House Films, we understand that the growth of a music career can certainly be a full-time endeavor. Manta offers a comprehensive list of over 2,400 music video production companies. You can even find our music video production company, Tiger House Films, on this list.

· is a website dedicated to international production resources. This site, popular amongst LA production company insiders, includes over 500 music video production companies.

We hope this blog post is a helpful resource for you. We at Tiger House Films hope that you are able to find a music video production company that has the dedication along with the expertise to achieve a dynamic video that you can be proud of. We’re always happy to speak with you about your project, no matter where you are located. Tiger House Films is based in Los Angeles, California: the entertainment capital of the world. We serve clients across the United States and world-wide. Our production company excels at the ability to create projects tailored to your personal creative style while maintaining a technical precision within our productions.