Hyundai Centerstage GRAMMY Episode 2: PHILLIP MAGNUS HARTLEY

Phillip Final Edit Hyundai Centerstage Grammy Amplifier Web Picture

Hyundai Centerstage GRAMMY Episode 2: PHILLIP MAGNUS HARTLEY


About This Hyundai Centerstage / Grammy Video:

Phillip Magnus Hartley was the first winner and artist to be featured on camera in the Hyundai Centerstage video series produced by Film and TV production company Tiger House Films in conjunction with Greenlight Media and Marketing & The GRAMMY office. Our film crew created a video production around Phillip as he claimed his prize in Los Angeles CA, awarded to him by The Recording Academy.

Phillip’s prize included a mentorship and studio session with GRAMMY award winning music producer Tricky Stewart, and GRAMMY nominated music producer Soundz aka Kenneth Coby at their studio, Redzone Entertainment.

Through a series of interviews and organic moments caught on camera, our film and TV company was able to tell the story of Phillip’s journey as he experienced the opportunity of working with some of the best music producers in the entertainment industry as they mixed his single, Superhero.

Phillip Magnus Hartley is a self described “hybrid artist from Baltimore. He is influenced by all genres of music, drawing inspiration from Janelle Monae, Brandy, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Kenna. Hartley combines street style art with the fine arts, creating a unique style and a unique sound.”

Phillip’s incredibly humble personality and talent to create great music coupled with the experience and knowledge of the team at Redzone Entertainment gave this collaboration the spark it needed in order to create a polished, professional track ready to “compete at the highest level”.

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Video Credits:

The Team at Greenlight Media & Marketing
GRAMMY Project Manager – Jim Canella
GRAMMY Video Producer – Ben Lamb

Tiger House Films Crew:

Director – Jason Kent Carpenter
D.P. – Nicola Pizzi
Editors – Jason Kent Carpenter / Bradford Obie
Post Sound – Travis Franklin
Gaffer / Camera Op.- Mark Farney
Camera Op.- Kelly Reed
Field Sound Mixer- Michael Holcomb
Field Sound Mixer- Mike Colton