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Thank you for your interest in Tiger House Films. We invite you to request more information about our varied production services by clicking here. Many of our prospective clients would like to know more about our process and who we are, or may have questions about production in general. Here are some of the items we offer as a creative agency and production company that may help to answer these questions and more:

Free Consultations

  • We offer all prospective clients an initial free consultation with no obligation.

Production Reel Hard Copies

  • We provide hard copies of our company production reel on Blu-ray or DVD upon request.

Commercial Production Guide

  • Our complimentary commercial production guide will walk you through our production process from start to finish. This guide is very helpful for answering any initial questions about commercial production.

Music Video Production Guide

  • Our free music video production guide will explain our production process, detailing everything from conceptual development to post production.

Sample Contracts 

  • Our sample contracts are individually tailored to your specific production needs and provide you with a legal framework for our productions.

Production Advice & FAQ

  • We’re happy to provide free production advice and answers to commonly asked questions. All questions are welcome.

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned items, please visit our contact page here and we will follow up with you within 24-48 hours.


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