The Crystal St.-Louis. Web Commercial Production

Crystal St Louis Web Commercial Tiger House Films

The Crystal St.-Louis. Web Commercial Production


Los Angeles Production Company Tiger House Films has produced a web commercial production for The Crystal St.-Louis, the oldest crystal glass-makers in Europe. This spec. web commercial production was created to incorporate clean cinematography emphasizing the often unseen beauty of nature around us. This web video production showcases the ability of our video production crew in thinking up simple, clean concepts that simply showcase a product in it’s natural environment.

We chose the Crystal St. Louis as the subject for this web commercial production because of the intricate and well crafted nature of their glassware. It fit in well with our theme of beauty derived from nature. We have found that commercial productions for the web are increasingly popular and have had progressively higher and higher production value. The web commercial production team at Tiger House Films has the sensibility of a film crew and the film-like aesthetic taste of an artistic team ideal for showcasing high end products such as the Crystal St. Louis.

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