Emily Daccarett Fall / Winter 15 Fashion Film Production

Emily Daccarett FW15 Fashion Film Sophie Apple

Emily Daccarett Fall / Winter 15 Fashion Film Production


About This Fashion Film Production:

Tiger House Films has produced our fourth collaboration with high fashion designer Emily Daccarett in her 2015 Fall / Winter collection fashion film production. Emily’s beautiful all black and white collection was integrated into a fairytale concept for this film.

Our team focused on high fashion cinematography and steady movement to create the look for this film. D.P. Martin Moody was able to capture the look and feel of our script, getting creative with the resources we had during production. Dynamic locations and plot elements laid the foundation for our talented actors to live through their characters and bring a fairytale to life in this fashion film production. A brief synopsis of this fashion film’s story is below:

“In old world Europe, Sophie is a young woman who has been trapped and abused in a world of faded grandeur since she was a small child. Her once wealthy parents passed away when she was very small, leaving her to the care of her cruel aunt Margaret.

Forced to clean the dilapidated mansion every day and confined to her room, Sophie can only escape from her entrapment through her dreams. She remembers longingly of a boy she met in her childhood who with a simple gesture of kindness, stole her heart.”

This fashion film production was shot over the course of two days in the Los Angeles area. Our stellar team was able to come together and execute the production under a strict deadline. As always, it was a very creative process working with Emily Daccarett and we have been very lucky to have her as a client over the past two years. We hope to bring future film productions to the public in collaboration with her while showcasing her gorgeous designs.

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Client: Emily Daccarett
Production Company / Agency: Tiger House Films
Producer: Jason Kent Carpenter
Written And Directed By: Jason Kent Carpenter

Shannon Prior
Henric Hammarstrand
Sofia Mali
Mikey Licari
Mell Flynn

D.P. – Martin Moody
Gaffer – Derek Rittenhouse
Key Grip – Zac Donner
1st A.C. – Josh Vandermeer
Art P.A. – Diana Daccarett
Makeup – Nayari Navas / Celia Aleman
Hair – Jess Berrios / Yesenia Gomez

“Si Je Ne T’ai Connais Pas”

Music by S. Peace Nistades
Lyrics by Emily Daccarett
Feat. Emily Daccarett & Zane Carney

Recorded and Mixed at Alkaloide Music Productions

  • Esau McKnight/ 29.04.2015Reply

    I love this short piece. Shannon you were remarkable in your role as the abused character. Keep up the great work hun.

  • Atu Tesla/ 04.06.2015Reply

    Fabuleuse. Et la chanson est adorable, c’est comme ci la petite chantais.

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