How Our Film And Television Production Company Uses Visual Effects

How Our Film And Television Production Company Uses Visual Effects


Los Angeles Film and Television production company Tiger House Films has always had the philosophy that solid film making comes from the discipline of old school, in-camera imagery through means of camera work, lighting, acting and special effects. The final product being the result of something tangible. Let us mention a famous example of where (in our humble opinion) VFX went wrong due to overuse: the Star Wars prequel series.

Though our views remain solidly unchanged on the subject, our recent work with the visual effects has opened our eyes to the possibility of building upon that discipline through the means of post production graphics. Working with a talented crew to create beautiful imagery and having the ability to tell a story is the most significant achievement a content creator can ask for yet when the project calls for it, there are true aesthetic benefits to creating some dynamic post production visuals to complete a project.

Our film and television production company’s most recent projects delving into the visual effects realm include; A photo and video media campaign for Hyundai shot digitally on green-screen, and branded content for major brands SK-II and National Geographic. All of these film and television productions were enhanced aesthetically by having a talented post production visual effects artist working with us every step of the way from pre-production drafting and on-set supervision to post.

We have collectively come to the realization that our film and television production company is now existing in the digital age where 4k RAW cameras are readily available on the consumer pricing level and the emergence of groundbreaking films create the sense that the possibilities for the future of VFX are bright and limitless.