Our 2015 Lexus RC F Running Of The Bulls Branded Video Production

Lexus RC-F Commercial Production Tiger House Films PS

Our 2015 Lexus RC F Running Of The Bulls Branded Video Production


About Our Lexus Branded Video Production:

On November 5th 2014, Tiger House Films was called to create a branded video production for the Lexus Running Of The Bulls campaign in Fontana, CA. This video showcases the brand new Lexus vehicle the 2015 RC F. Our production team had a phenomenal time using our cinematography and editing skills to produce what can only be described as an incredible, exciting performance capture experience with the powerful 2015 Lexus RC F.

This branded video production utilized various different camera mounts and shooting techniques to create the coverage necessary to capture these performance vehicles in action. Aerial drones were sent up in the air to allow for smooth shots designed to capture a sweeping view of the overall environment and to showcase the vastness of the Auto Club Speedway. As these vehicles were tested to their limits, our Los Angeles production company utilized camera car mounts on different angles of the vehicles to give an “in the action” point of view. There were two camera operators on the ground creating high production value material, handheld and with a 5 foot camera slider. This brand video production was shot both in slow motion and at 24 frames per second.

Every time our Los Angeles production company is called out to work with major clients such as Lexus it gives us another opportunity to showcase our work at the highest level of professionalism. We would like to thank SBS Interactive as well as the Lexus staff at the Auto Club Speedway for making this production possible.

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Agency: Walton Issacson
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Client: Lexus
Producer: Jason Kent Carpenter
Director: Jason Kent Carpenter
D.P.: Martin Moody
Drone Op.: Adrian Zaw (

“Infinite Daps”
Music By: Baauer & RL Grime

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