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Marriott Traveler Brand Video Production


About Our Brand Video Production:

The brand video production team at Tiger House Films was approached by an advertising agency based out of New York to create a brand video for Marriott Traveler. The premise of the video was to follow three lifetime friends (two girls and a guy) who go on a unique trip to Los Angeles and hit the locations that are known to locals as the best spots in the city, all while having the time of their lives.

The aim of this brand video production is to target millenial travelers and highlight iconic locations throughout Los Angeles. Our production team created a dreamy “love story” to our home, the city of Los Angeles, set to incredible music by Australian band Froyo whose track “Dreamfall” was used prominently under the brand video.

Although the video defied corporate convention our video production team is proud of the results and hope to work with Marriott again in the future on creative video productions that expand on their brand image. Targeting millenials in the modern age of advertising heavily integrates social media along with a certain amount of “cool content”  that makes the new generation of consumers want to watch, and keep watching the videos put out by brands.

Tiger House Films is run by a young, innovative set of producers and filmmakers that taps into the cutting edge capabilities of today’s technology to bring brands modern video productions.

Please find articles written on our locations on the Marriott Traveler website:

The locations visited in this brand video production Include:

Griffith Observatory, Mount Hollywood Trail, Sarita’s Pupuseria, and The Spare Room.

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Agency: Contently / Sparkloft
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Client: Marriott Traveler
Starring: Violette Nelson, Veronica Jarvis, Benoit Regent
Producers: Jason Kent Carpenter
Director:  Jason Kent Carpenter
D.P.:  Benjamin Schultz