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Wikipedia x Paramount Network Project | Brand Video Production Company


About Our Brand Video Production:

Our Los Angeles brand video production company was approached for the second time by social media giant NowThis Media to produce a brand video production for Paramount Network’s primetime show American Woman and Wikipedia.

Set in in the center of Hollywood at Neuehouse, this brand video campaign was produced to highlight women’s empowerment by bringing to light the fact that only a small percentage of Wikipedia article editors are in fact, women.

Teaming with Paramount Network and their new show American Woman, NowThis Media and our brand video production company were able to produce a branded video production of an “all women edit-a-thon”.

The venue for the event, Neuehouse, is a brand new office and event space in the center of Hollywood. The location is a venue at the crossroads of art, culture, film and creative business. It is an ideal location for a forward thinking brand video production such as the collaboration between Tiger House Films and NowThis Media.

This brand video production is intended to reach a global audience through various social media channels including followers of American Woman on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and various other social media platforms.

Following the trend of social media brand video production and branded media to promote causes, our team at Tiger House Films was able to harness our extensive experience in this particular field to shoot this spot all within a twelve hour production day.

We would like to thank Group Nine Media and look forward to working with them and NowThis Media again in the future. Our brand video production team had an amazing time on this branded video production with Wikipedia and American Woman.

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Studio: NowThis Media
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Client: Wikipedia / Paramount Network
Starring: Cast Of American Woman
Producers: Jason Kent Carpenter / Luca Buzas
Director:  Alyssa Kurtzman (Group Nine Media)
D.P.:  Josh Allen