Emily Daccarett SS16 Fashion Film

Emily Daccarett SS16 Fashion Film Web Cover

Emily Daccarett SS16 Fashion Film


About This Fashion Film Production:

In our 5th collaboration with high end women’s fashion brand Emily Daccarett, Tiger House Films created a fashion film for her Spring / Summer 2016 line. The theme for this season was a surfer/skater look mixed with high end luxury fabrics and bright colors. Our motivation to create this film was Emily’s view on Venice beach surfer culture in the 1970’s where being free and expressive was a part of the iconic backdrop of the era.

This fashion film was shot in Malibu, California in multiple locations including the famous Gesner Beach House off of Pacific Coast Highway. Our production team’s goal was to create a film shot with all natural light to allow for a high fashion but raw sporty aesthetic mixed with pink and orange afternoon sunsets.

Mike Mcmillin was the director of photography on this production. Hailing from Long Beach CA, Mike has a background in capturing surfer and skater culture through his lens and brought his experience to the table during our fashion film shoot. Kenny Zhao created the song / score for this film entitled “Only Ones”. This creative composer was incredibly in tune with our theme and was able to provide amazingly impactful music to our visuals while also providing vocals on his track.

We were once again very privileged to work with Emily Daccarett on her fashion film and had a great time putting this fashion film production together for her brand.

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Client: Emily Daccarett
Production Company / Agency: Tiger House Films
Producer / Director / Editor: Jason Kent Carpenter
Cinematographer: Mike Mcmillin
Original Music By: Kenny Zhao
Key Makeup Artist: Jess Mylott
Key Hair Stylist: Jill Colwell

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