Our Brand Media Production Company x Tik Tok Commercial

Tik Tok 2 Los Angeles Media Production Company Post Cover

Our Brand Media Production Company x Tik Tok Commercial

Our Tik Tok Commercial “Family First”:

See The Project Here: https://tigerhousefilms.com/portfolio_page/tik-tok-commercial-family-first/

Our brand media production company has teamed with iProspect Agency for the Tik Tok Commercial Series re-creating Tik Tok’s current trends. Our second commercial production series for Tik Tok and iProspect Agency, this set of spots focuses on family bonds while showcasing a light filled, colorful aesthetic.

This brand commercial was the second series of spots for Tik Tok as our client and we had a great time working in a private home in Brentwood, Los Angeles CA. The location and decor fit our concepts perfectly, our goal was to create a commercial concept surrounding a hispanic family, hi-lighting their traditions and familial bond.

Tiger House Films has had the pleasure of working with many big brands over the years as a brand media production company and Tik Tok has been one of the brands that we have very much enjoyed creating for due to the fact that their content is fun, light an airy.

This particular brand series was shot with a talented and small crew utilizing Alexa Mini and Ultra Prime lenses as well as the abundance of natural light afforded by the location. Our production crew was able to capture all of these scenes in the aesthetic of current trends with a high end feel to the final videos.

Our brand video campaign was shot over several days with a stellar crew and professional gear. The cast was fantastic and our production house was lucky to work with such talented actors on these spots.

Our team at Tiger House is looking forward to more commercials and creative spots with iProspect Agency in the future.

Video / BTS from this social media commercial campaign and more can be viewed on our full service production company’s Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tigerhousefilms/

Our current commercial production company and creative agency’s portfolio of projects can be viewed on our website here: https://tigerhousefilms.com/portfolio-2/