Tik Tok x Our Brand Media Production Agency In Los Angeles

Tik Tok x Our Brand Media Production Agency In Los Angeles

Tik Tok x Our Brand Media Production Agency In Los Angeles

Our Work On The Tik Tok  Commercial Campaign:


See The Project Here: https://tigerhousefilms.com/portfolio_page/tik-tok-commercial-whats-trending/

Our Brand Media Production Agency In Los Angeles has had Tik Tok as a client for several years, creating high end commercial brand media for their marketing campaigns. Directed and shot by Jason Kent Carpenter, this series was created in conjunction iProspect Agency, a part of Japanese media giant Dentsu. This marks the third collaboration with our brand media production agency to create the concepts and our creative team has executed these concepts for release on online media platforms worldwide.

Tik Tok is the enormously popular social media app that has defined a generation of influencers by giving them the power of personalized video production in an easy to use and addictive platform all inside their personal smartphones. Our commercial production campaigns for this brand consisted of the re-creation of popular trends that were surging on the Tik Tok platform. We brought together our professional video and photo teams and were able to execute, fun, colorful, high energy branded spots for distribution throughout all social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and of course, on the Tik Tok platform itself.

Each of our locations and cast members for these spots were based in Los Angeles, where the hub of all commercial and film media is centered. Our creative team’s connections to gear houses and the ability to execute high level projects with a large scale allows us to take on major commercial production series for the most prominent brands in the world while executing on budget and on time.

Our brand media agency in Los Angeles had a great time partnering with Tik Tok and iProspect for this series and we hope to have a chance to work with both these entities again in the near future.

Video / Photos from this series of brand video campaigns and more can be viewed on our digital agency’s Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tigerhousefilms/

Our current brand media production agency’s portfolio of projects can be viewed on our website here: https://tigerhousefilms.com/portfolio-2/