Birdies Bridal x Our Boutique Production Company In Los Angeles

Birdies x Our Video Production Company

Birdies Bridal x Our Boutique Production Company In Los Angeles


As a boutique production company in Los Angeles, Tiger House Films specializes in crafting specialty commercial productions for brands looking to market their products in the modern age of social media and internet marketing. 

Our boutique production company has partnered with New York agency Quickframe to create projects for San Francisco based Birdies Slippers consisting of a photo and video campaign for their new Birdies Bridal Collection in Spring / Summer of 2019. This is our second series of photo video productions for the Birdies website and for their paid online advertisements showing on Instagram and Facebook.

From the beginning Birdies was seeking a boutique production company in Los Angeles for their production. Our flexibility and creative input was the perfect match for their needs. This particular campaign consisted of a concept re-creating the moments before and after a wedding ceremony with three agency models and a mother of the bride character. Our creative coordinator Luca Buzas handled the wardrobe, hair and makeup as well as part of the production design in the campaign.

Directed and shot by Tiger House Films founder Jason Kent Carpenter, the team for this fashion commercial production was lean and talented. Our commercial crew consisted of 12 people total.

This fashion commercial campaign was shot in a four bedroom suite at the historic Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica.  Inspired by the grand villas on the Mediterranean in Italy, Casa Del Mar was the perfect back drop to our high end commercial campaign with Birdies Slippers.


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To see the final director’s cut of the Birdies Bridal Video click here:

Client: Birdies Slippers
Agency: Quickframe
Production Company: Tiger House Films
Director: Jason Kent Carpenter
Creative Coordinator: Luca Buzas