On Running “You Review” Campaign x Our Digital Agency In Los Angeles

On Running Campaign x Our Digital Agency In Los Angeles

On Running “You Review” Campaign x Our Digital Agency In Los Angeles

Our On Running  “You Review” Campaign:

See The Project Here: https://tigerhousefilms.com/portfolio_page/on-running-you-review-brand-videos/

Our digital agency in Los Angeles was contacted by the creative team at On Running to produce and execute a series of high end review videos for the Swiss athletic brand. This campaign, featuring the brand new Zero Jacket and Cloudmonster running shoes as well as the Explorer Jacket. Our commercial production team was able to cast unique athletes from all walks of life and personalities to come in and try on the new gear.

This series of brand videos was shot on an XR Stage in Los Angeles, the stage features a large series of LED screens that allowed the environment to change to test the features of each of the pieces of gear. This cinema technology has changed the landscape of what is possible to shoot on a stage, where the subjects can interact with their environment in comparison to a traditional green screen scenario.

Our digital agency in Los Angeles was able to execute this branded video concept for ON Running within a tight budget and timeline. We had a great time making this brand video series and working directly with the creative team at ON, who were all extremely nice and great to collaborate with. Our collaborative workflow was key to making the series work for the brand as our expertise in video production allowed for flexibility in terms of creative coverage and different scenarios for the athletes to play out on camera.

The Global Creative Lead for On Running Ian Dunn gave our digital agency in Los Angeles a glowing review after this production. The testimonial can be viewed here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6924520551617114112

Our team at Tiger House is looking forward to more commercials and creative spots with ON Running in the future.

Video / BTS from this commercial campaign and more can be viewed on our digital agency’s Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tigerhousefilms/

Our current commercial production company and creative agency’s portfolio of projects can be viewed on our website here: https://tigerhousefilms.com/portfolio-2/