Our G/Fore VFX Commercial Production

GFore_G.112 VFX Commercial Production Still Image

Our G/Fore VFX Commercial Production

Our Work On The G/Fore, G.112 VFX Commercial Production:


Campaign Link Here: https://tigerhousefilms.com/portfolio_page/g-fore-g-112-vfx-shoe-commercial/

Our branded and VFX commercial production company in Los Angeles was approached by fashion-forward golf wear and accessory company G/Fore to produce an online VFX commercial campaign for the release of their new G.112 golf shoe ahead of the PGA U.S. Open held in Los Angeles, CA.

In our second collaboration with the brand, the look of the campaign for the G.112 shoe was meant to place the shoe in an environment that invokes a fantastical atmosphere derived from the inspirational design of Alice In Wonderland. Our VFX commercial production team was able to do a photo-realistic scan of the new G.112 shoe and insert the product into a completely 3D environment using cutting edge software used in the video game industry and many corners of the entertainment world.

This novel approach to a project allowed our brand production team in Los Angeles to create a completely custom look and feel to the fashion campaign which gave the final result a very unique quality. We tried too preserve the colorful look and feel of the G/Fore brand while making the imagery itself eye popping and interesting for the online audience.

Our commercial production team worked with VFX house 50 Stars Cinema to create this incredible final product for the G/Fore brand, the VFX artists were able to create the vision set forth by our team and the brand itself.

We are very fortunate to have G/Fore as a client as their artistic vision is always very inspiring and unique. Our Los Angeles production team hopes to continue our relationship with this brand for many campaigns to come.

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