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Shooting Fashion & Luxury | LA & New York Production Company


As an LA and New York production company Tiger House Films has had the privilege of producing many fashion and luxury brand campaigns in both the video and still photography worlds.

Over the course of many years our LA and New York production company has developed very specific strategies for styling, lighting, composing, and shooting to create media that makes luxury brands stand out.

Below we will share some of our strategies to create a high end aesthetic for your next luxury or fashion brand commercial.

Create A Story

Know that every luxury brand has a personality and strong aesthetic that speaks to their consumers. Wether the voice of the brand leans more documentary style fashion or polished commercial, your first instinct should be to create a story arch with depth and meaning behind the campaign shoot.

Lighting and Cinematography

Wether on location or in a studio, lighting and camera movement / framing are some of the most important elements to a successful luxury commercial campaign .

Productions don’t need expensive lighting kits to get great results, just be aware of how sharp or dramatic light falls onto the subjects or products.

Outdoor scenarios require very little lighting other than the position of the sun. Our LA and New York production company generally use a high quality bounce or in tricky situations, we bring out a parabolic HMI to fill in the shadows.

Styling Strategy

In luxury commercials styling sets and subjects, wether they are spaces objects or models, is as important as lighting them. What is placed in front of the camera combines to make or break the look of a luxury campaign.

Brands speak through the styling of their products and sets. Every piece of furniture, clothing and prop should be in synch with the story and specific aesthetic of the brand.

Companies can use object perspective, backgrounds, and decorative elements to bring out the personality of the luxury brand.

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