AI Video Production Companies | The Emergence Of AI In Media

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AI Video Production Companies | The Emergence Of AI In Media

AI Video Production Companies | The Emergence Of AI In Media:

As 2024 progresses, the emerging evolution of AI in media has become a relevant topic amongst entertainment industry insiders. New AI tools have become available to the world sending tremors through the industry resulting in the Writer’s strike of 2023 and the simultaneous SAG strike that devastated the job market.

AI commercials have already been created (with the help of some VFX) through previously shot footage melted into the algorithm such as this Under Armour commercial  with heavyweight boxing sensation Anthony Joshua. With Open AI’s new Sora AI model set to be released to the public in a few months, the anxiety amongst creatives is at an all time high.

With these new tools come new challenges, however, our view on the subject is that this revolution could open doors to high value production supplementation and potentially create new opportunity for the creation of new media at a high level with a lower price tag. AI video production companies and new forms of media will become prevalent however there is one prediction that we have regarding all of this evolution.

As AI floods the market, our prediction is that all this machine made material will create a vacuum in which the need for human creativity will be reignited and become valuable again. The hope is that this AI transition will be one that benefits the creative community however the hope is that the advanced tools that are becoming available will boost our ultimate capabilities and not create a situation that replaces the industry in it’s entirety.

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