Celebrity Video Production In Los Angeles | Christie’s x Jane Fonda

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Celebrity Video Production In Los Angeles | Christie’s x Jane Fonda

Celebrity Video Production In Los Angeles| Christie’s x Jane Fonda

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of producing an celebrity video production in Los Angeles with the iconic Jane Fonda x Nalleli Cobo for Christie’s at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills.

Our video production team in Los Angeles was contacted by Christie’s to film an event entitled Art For A Safe And Healthy California, which was a star studded evening with a benefit exhibition and auction presented by Jane Fonda, Gagosian, and Christie’s to support Campaign for a Safe and Healthy California.

Some artworks were donated by artists including Charles Gaines, Frank Gehry, Alex Israel, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Catherine Opie, Christina Quarles, Ed Ruscha, Jonas Wood, among others, will be sold to help the coalition of voters campaigning to stop oil companies attempting to repeal Governor Gavin Newsom’s SB1137 on the November ballot. The bill provides safe setbacks from oil wells for homes, parks, schools, and playgrounds, as well as requirements to make already pumping wells safer.

Our small commercial production team has quite a lot of experience in run and gun situations and this production certainly called for improvisation due to the nature of the schedule and coordination with the gallery. Our gracious producer from Christie’s has great patience as we did our best to get the best production value possible out of this video production in Los Angeles.

Shot on two Alexa Mini’s, this project was certainly a heavy lift for this type of gear however the quality of the images certainly makes up for the bulk of these packages. This was our first time inside Gagosian Gallery and our video production team members were absolutely impressed by the artwork displayed at the gallery and event.

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