Old Spice Body Spray Celebrity Commercial Production w/ Ronny Chieng

Old Spice Body Spray Commercial With Ronny Chieng Blog Image

Old Spice Body Spray Celebrity Commercial Production w/ Ronny Chieng

Our Work On The Old Spice Body Spray Celebrity Commercial Production w/ Ronny Chieng:


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Our second celebrity commercial production in NYC was a collaboration with Old Spice and PCA, we had the pleasure of shooting another brand spot with actor and comedian Ronny Chieng in New York City as part of the launch of Old Spice’s Total Body Spray.

This second Old Spice campaign was a part of two spots we produced in New York City, this particular commercial spot will air during Super Bowl LVIII and is the debut of Old Spice’s Gentleman’s Total Body Spray. We had a great production crew dynamic with members from our Los Angeles headquarters and local crew in New York City. The concept for this celebrity commercial production was comedic and simple yet required some stunt rigging and particular lighting in the large Brooklyn warehouse our team acquired to double as a yoga studio.

Most of the project was produced remotely from Los Angeles until we set up scouts of locations at which time the producer, director (Clayton Tony Au) and cinematographer (Martin Moody) were all able to fly out early and get the lay of the land / plan the shoot from a logistics perspective.

Ronny Chieng who was our main talent for this shoot, is a Malaysian comedian and actor. He is currently a senior correspondent on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. His talented supporting cast consisted of great actors from NY and LA, Nicole Fong, Kiarra Hamagami Godberg and Alex Wong.

We are very fortunate to have Old Spice / PCA as clients, our history with the latter has spanned over 8 years. Our Los Angeles production team hopes to continue our relationship with this brand for many campaigns to come.

Video / Photos from this commercial production in New York and more can be viewed on our creative content production company’s Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/tigerhousefilms/

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